We're Not Just a Church,
We're a Family

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28 Mar
7:00 pm
Southside & Hwy 37 Area

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You Belong Here

Life Isn't Meant to Be Lived Alone

We were created to live in a community with people who will be there to love and support us. Here are some ways you can start building authentic relationships:

Get Support

Don’t suffer in silence. What specific needs can we help you with?

Experience a safe, fun, and educational environment for kids.

Connect with others in our community. Join a small group.

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Download our app and discover useful resources for you and your family. Learn about our community, join a small group, view upcoming events, watch sermons, and quickly donate with ease. Elevate Ministries is here to love and serve you!

New Services Times

9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Begins April 9th.

Begin inviting your family & friends!