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At Elevate, we believe in training up a child in the knowledge of Christ.

E-Kids partners with parents to strengthen their child’s faith and enable them to experience the love of God and demonstrate His love towards others.

E-Kids is offered for children ages 3-11 years old, during our Sunday 10:30 am service.

If you have any questions regarding E-Kids please feel free to contact Jain Crossland at


Small Groups

Together We're Better

Personal Growth

Let us know what Small Group interest you have. We currently meet in-person and on Zoom.

Small Group Events

21 Jun
7:15 pm
  • Anthony & Davina Perez
SE/Military Dr. Area

Young Adults GroupRepeating Event

24 Jun
6:30 pm
  • Delia Perez
Southside/Hwy 35 Area

Women’s GroupRepeating Event

24 Jun
6:30 pm
  • James Mann
Northwest & 1604 Area

Men’s GroupRepeating Event

25 Jun
7:00 pm
  • Larry & Ruth Holt
Southside & Hwy 37 Area

Couples GroupRepeating Event

27 Jun
7:00 pm
  • George & Sylvia Perez
Hwy 90/211/Potranco Area

Growing in MarriageRepeating Event

20 Jul
11:00 am
  • Perla Zulaica
Don Pedro's Mexican Restaurant

Women’s GroupRepeating Event

Belong / Grow / Serve / SHARE

Church Should Feel Like a Family, Not an Event

Elevate is a place to belong. That’s why CLASS is important – because we weren’t meant to go through life alone. When it comes to finding your purpose, using your God-given gifts to serve, and surrounding yourself with community, we’re giving you a deliberate path to follow. It’s a path that won’t confuse you or leave you in the dark.

So don’t think of CLASS as a college course. Think of it as a way to find your purpose and your people, because there’s more for you at Elevate than just attending a weekend service. You have the opportunity to discover your purpose and start living out all that God has for you!


1. BELONg 2. grow 3. serve 4. share


Everyone wants to find a place where they belong. Whether you’re new to church, new to Elevate, or have been attending Elevate for a while, we want you to find your place – a place where you can feel supported, encouraged, and loved. Class 101 is designed to help you understand the foundation of Elevate Church and to help you get connected to our church family. If you decide that this church is the right fit for you, then you can learn about what next steps to take to get more involved in the mission and purpose of Elevate. Here’s what you can look forward to in 101:

• Learn about why you’re here and why you matter.
• Connect with others and start intentionally building your community.
• Get a glimpse into the history and vision of Elevate Ministries, and the amazing events that led to where we are today.

Do you want to become more like Jesus? Class 201 will help you develop the habits you need to jump-start your spiritual growth. It will give you an overview of the three basic spiritual habits every Christian needs in order to grow: Daily Time with God (prayer and Bible reading), Giving, and Fellowship. Come join us for this exciting class. Base CLASSes are designed for attendees 12 years of age and older.

What you do with your life matters to God. Sometimes it might feel like your actions are inconsequential, but you were created for a purpose! God has shaped you in a unique way – by your spiritual gifts, your heart, your abilities, your personality, and your experiences. This workshop will help you pinpoint each one of these to find your best place to minister at Elevate Ministries. Class 301 is designed to help you find the perfect place for you to serve in based on who you are. The best part? You’ll learn more about yourself and your spiritual gifts. Here’s what you can look forward to in 301:

• Find meaning and value from what you do by going from a consumer to a contributor. 

• Sign up to meet one-on-one with a S.H.A.P.E. coach to find your perfect ministry match. 

• Start making a difference in the lives of those around you!

God created you with a purpose. That personal, yet church-wide purpose, means connecting flawed human beings with our perfect and eternal God. Your own story of how God has worked in your life is one of the most effective tools you have for connecting people to God. In Class 401, you’ll learn to communicate that story to your neighborhood, workplace and around the world. By using your own gifts, personality and story, you’ll touch people only you can touch. Your life experiences can be a bridge to a friend or family member who is seeking Christ. God’s global plan includes reaching people from every nation with the good news of Jesus.
In Class 401, you’ll get a picture of what God is doing throughout the world to bring His people to Himself. You’ll also find out how you can be part of His global plan. Finally, we’ll share with you opportunities for you to get started in sharing your faith immediately. At the end of Class 401, you can pray about joining Elevate on the greatest adventure of your life. 
Base CLASSes are designed for attendees 12 years of age and older. 

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